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NITYA ANNADANAM: For the devotees and 30 poorest aged people daily Midday meal is offered under Narayana Seva.

Donors are invited
Per month Rs.6,000/-, per day Rs.251/- and 11,116/- Maharaja poshakulu,51116/- Raja poshakulu, 2116/- Poshakulu
Poojas will be performed in their name on the day desired every year and feeding will be done in their name.

FREE SERVICE: To help the poor to take care of their health one regular hospital is maintained both Allopathic and Homeo with free consultation and medicines daily.Every Sunday Doctors specialiasts in Opthamologic, E.N.T., Diabetics, Cardiology are visiting and operations are done for the needy. This is organised by Bala Bhaskara Seva Sangam.A permanent building is to be constructed.

DHARMA PRACHARAM:Is done through casettes(Bhajans & Discourses by Mathaji).Monthly Telugu Adhyatmika Magazine is published namely Chitsudha.Eminent writers and scholars in their respective fields are contributing valuable articles.

All are requested to become members for the Chitsudha.
The subscription is Rs.500/- Life, Rs. 150/- Two Years

AUDITORIUM: To provide facilities to devotees for Nama, Japa, Dhyana, Yoga, and Adhyatmika Pravachanams an Auditorium namely Sreyo Mandapam is in progress.
Lord Radha Krishna Deity will be a special devine attraction for the devotees. All devotees are requested to offer Rs. 1,116/- as Manthrapushpam. Your co-operation and assistance is requested for its complition.

SCHOOL: To impart allround education which will make students physically fit, mentally alert, intellectually capable, emotionally balanced, socially responsible and morally forthright, the residential school is proposed from 2005 educational year.